FarmVille English Countryside Cheats and Tips: A new travelers guide


With FarmVilleEnglish Countryside (EC) inching closer, it's time to give you unsuspecting farmers a crash course in getting there for when the time comes. Well, at least we can tell what we know based on extensive previews from Zynga. We already know that Duke will crash land on your farm sometime soon, but now we have an even better idea of what to do once we touch down in England.

1. Fix and Send off the Airship
In order to fix Duke's Airship once it crashes, players will have to gather supplies from the farm. After fixing the Airship, you will be tasked with throwing a party. The party will function much like the New Year's Ball party did in the original FarmVille, so you will have to invite several guests to the shindig. Once you've reached the final level, you will have unlocked access to the English Countryside.

2. A not-so-easy landing
Once you arrive in EC, you'll be greeted by several characters including Lily, Duke and more. It will become immediately apparent that this expansion is far more story-driven than FarmVille ever has been. However, participating in the storyline isn't mandatory nor does is cost Energy. In fact, Energy doesn't exist in EC just as it doesn't in the original game. But we imagine you'll be enticed by the Goals' rewards to complete them.