Entertainment Books $17, Extended!

Entertainment savings book
Entertainment savings book

Today through Mar. 17, 2011, get the 2011 Entertainment Book for $17, plus free shipping! No coupon code is needed. Books start out as high as $40 and the coupons are good through Nov. 1, 2011 so you still have plenty of time to use them.

Each book has about $10,000 worth of 50% off coupons and buy-one, get-one-free offers. Many are for restaurants, but you'll also find services, attractions, groceries, movie tickets, and more.

You can see the specific coupons online that are in every book, which makes it easy to decide if you will use the book or not. I've made my money back in past years by using just two coupons. With this price, you might even consider buying an Entertainment Book for a city you are going to visit.

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