CityVille: Daily bonus now offers energy instead of coins


It seems that Zynga is looking to stick with their new energy policy in CityVille, as they have added yet another change to the game that will help users get a bit of extra energy when they play the game, without actually changing the new energy caps that have been put in place.

From this point on, the Daily Bonus reward (received for logging in daily without missing a day) will reward you with energy, rather than coins. For the first day you login, you'll receive a single extra energy, that will be added to your current energy bar, regardless of its current total. For the second day, you'll receive two free energy and so on, until the fifth consecutive day that you play, which results in the maximum reward of five energy points.

The other features of the Daily Bonus system haven't been changed - the counter still resets every five days, and you'll still have the same percent chance of receiving the Penthouse Tower on your fifth day as you did before.

Does this really help matters? For once, opinions over on the game's official forums seem to be mixed. While many users are claiming to appreciate the added energy, some are still upset by this meager offering. Take, for instance, user alterdstate, who seems to sum up the negative opinions fairly well.

They need to get rid of the really low energy limits before I will come back period. 1-5 extra energy a day DOES NOTHING when I have over 50 businesses, several houses and tons of ship and farmland.

We'll continue to bring you all of the news surrounding these changes if and when Zynga once again tweaks the energy system in CityVille in the future. It looks like the developer has a lot of work cut out for them, to convince upset users that their changes are worthwhile, and not lose them forever.

As always, we'd love to know what you think of these continuing changes in the game. Have you already quit playing CityVille due to the "death" of energy stockpiling, or was that never your method of play to begin with? Sound off in the comments.

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