Rumor: FrontierVille 37x37 Land Expansion is rolling out to pioneers

Land Grab!
Land Grab!

Despite the Goals leaking early and our prediction of a March 1 release date, the 37x37 Land Expansion in FrontierVille has been MIA for six weeks now. However, according to FrontierVille Info, several players have reported that the expansion has arrived on their homesteads. If true, the expansion is coming in the midst of a Coyote invasion, but we have (almost) everything you need to know right here. So, don't come crying to us that you don't know what to do and get to expandin'.

Have you seen the 37x37 expansion on your homestead yet? When it finally launches, do you plan to take it head on or are you too busy fending off hungry Coyotes? Share with us in the comments. Add Comment.

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