Quentin Tarantino Sues Neighbor Over Squawking Birds

quentin tarantinoQuentin Tarantino is so fed up with what he says are the "blood-curdling screams" of exotic birds housed in an outdoor aviary on his neighbor's Los Angeles property, robbing him of his ability "to find peace in his home," that he is taking the neighbor to court.

In a lawsuit the creator of Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill filed March 10 against Alan Ball, the screenwriter and producer behind HBO's Six Feet Under and the film American Beauty, Tarantino says that himself and others in his home "are subjected to the macaws' obnoxious pteradactyl-like screams, which are not only startling, but have also seriously disrupted Mr. Tarantino's ability to work as a writer in his home."

"Ironically," the lawsuit, downloadable from TMZ, goes on, "Defendant Alan Ball is also an Academy Award winning screenwriter...Though one might assume that, as a fellow writer, Mr. Ball would understand and respect a writer's need for peace and quiet while he is working, that assumption would be wrong....Defendants [including Ball's partner Peter Macdissi] have done little to eliminate the Macaws' daily cacophony."

Tarantino states that on several occasions since late 2009 he discussed the parrots' "prehistoric sounding screams" with his neighbors who at one point allegedly told him that they would keep the birds inside "24/7" until they could construct a sound-proof outdoor aviary.

Apparently the noise level improved temporarily following a May 2010 complaint, but by June he alleges that Ball and Macdissi once again began leaving the exotic birds outdoors for several hours per day, apparently up to eight hours at a time. So Tarantino had his lawyer send his neighbors a letter. The birds were then kept inside until the soundproof structure was built around September 2010, but Tarantino claims he can still hear them, and the noise is worse when the birds are in the aviary than when they are in the house.

Tarantino claims that the constant squawking is "injurious" to his health and "offensive to his senses such that it obstructs Tarantino's free use" of his property and "interferes with his comfortable enjoyment of life."

He is suing to get a permanent injunction for noise abatement and for attorney fees.

As AOL Real Estate previously wrote in "Noisy Neighbors Get Noticed in Narragansett," noise issues can be a concern on the East Coast as well.

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