Naked Cowboy vs. Naked Cowgirl

Naked Cowboy The tussle in Times Square involving two naked cowpeople has finally been settled: Both can work in their underwear at New York's famous "Crossroads of the World," but one of them has to change a title.

That's the result of out-of-court mediation necessitated when the Naked Cowboy, Robert Burck -- who wears only jockey shorts, boots and a cowboy hat while singing and playing a guitar for passersby -- brought a lawsuit against Sandra Brodsky for doing the same thing.

Burck claimed that Brodsky, an ex-stripper who wears pasties in addition to her underwear, had stolen his idea and turned it ugly. He said she was damaging his brand with an obscene act, including gestures and offensive language.

"We don't approve of the way she's doing business, and we want it known that we're in no way affiliated with her," the cowboy's spokesman, Todd Rubenstein, told the New York Post.

Once that suit was filed, the "Naked Cowgirl," whose stage name is Sandy Kane, filed an application to the U.S. Trademark Trials and Appeals Board to cancel Burck's official trademark.

The agreement that was eventually worked out says that Brodsky can keep calling herself The Naked Cowgirl, as long as she inserts her stage name before or after. In other words, she agreed to go by either Sandy Kane, The Naked Cowgirl, or Naked Cowgirl, Sandy Kane. In return, she has agreed to drop her U.S. trademark complaint against Burck.

So now they're both free to make a living singing in their underwear at one of the world's most visited tourist spots. At last you'll sleep peacefully at night, knowing all is well in Times Square.

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