FarmVille St. Patrick's Day Trees: Rainbow Tree and Giant Rainbow Tree


A duo of new trees has been released in FarmVille this evening, with these two trees being some of the most whimsical we've seen released in the game to date. These two trees are the Rainbow Tree and the Giant Rainbow Tree, and they come in the current St. Patrick's Day limited edition item theme.

Both of these trees are premium, with the normal Rainbow Tree costing 5 Farm Cash, and the Giant Rainbow Tree going for 10 Farm Cash. Other than the price, these two trees come with the same stats: you'll gain 15 experience points for purchasing either of them, and they can be harvested once every two days for 150 coins. The first star of mastery is available for each tree at 75 harvests.

Remember, the Giant Rainbow Tree will spawn from normal Rainbow Trees that are placed in Orchards, so feel free to save your 10 Farm Cash and simply wait for one to randomly appear on your farm that way - either through your own Mystery Seedlings, or through those claimed from friends' news posts.

Both of these trees will be in the game for the next two weeks.

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Will you purchase either of these trees for your farm? What other fantasy trees would you like to see added to the game? Let us know in the comments.