FarmVille St. Patrick's Day Animals: Irish Cob Horse & Irish Hare

Tonight's FarmVille update (which was delayed due to the change in Daylight Saving Time) brings with it two new animals in the current St. Patrick's Day limited edition item theme, but these animals are far more realistic than those we've seen in the past (that is, no green bodies and shamrock patterns here). The two animals are the Irish Cob Horse (which we brought you a sneak peek of in the past) and an Irish Hare.

Both of these animals are premium, as we've come to expect. The Irish Cob Horse costs 26 Farm Cash, and will spawn an Irish Cob Foal when placed inside your Horse Stable and allowed to breed (which happens randomly). You'll gain 2600 experience points for purchasing the horse, which can be harvested once every three days if not placed inside the Horse Stable where you can harvest it daily. The Irish Hare, meanwhile, costs just 12 Farm Cash and will reward you with 1200 experience points for purchasing it, which is still a rather large sum for the price.

Both of these animals will be available in the game for the next two weeks.

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Do you like either of these animals, or do you prefer the ones that take the theme more literally (green animals for St. Patrick's Day - pink animals for Valentine's Day and so on)? Let us know in the comments.