FarmVille Mystery Game (3/13/2011): St. Patrick's Day items now available


The Mystery Game in FarmVille has been updated this evening with a new set of six animals and decorations available to win. This week's theme is "St. Patrick's Day," meaning that you'll be able to find plenty of green items here, along with some that are simply inspired by Ireland.

There are three animals and three decorations to win here. Here's a list of what you can win:

Shamrock Unicorn
Green Gazebo
Greenwig Duck
Green Parrots
Irish Elk
Green Farm House

Luckily, even with the inclusion of a unicorn (which is a highly sought after species of animal in the game), this week's Mystery Game only costs the standard 16 Farm Cash for a single dart to throw at the board. Of course, you're not guaranteed the Shamrock Unicorn when you play the game, but at least you won't lose more than the minimum Farm Cash in your attempt.

As usual, this Mystery Game set will only be available for the next week, at which point the available prizes will be swapped out for new items.

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Which of these prizes would you most like to win on your farm? Are you hoping for the Shamrock Unicorn, or is another animal more your style? Let us know in the comments.

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