FarmVille: Gray Horse available as free gift for a limited time


Zynga has gotten back into the swing of things, offering a single item on the Free Gifts page in FarmVille that normally isn't available. This time, we see the release of the Gray Horse as a limited time item, which is now available to send to your friends (and receive, if they would be so kind) in the same way as you would handle any other free gift.

Before you send every friend a Gray Horse, however, remember that these horses have been available in the game for some time, either as a lost animal wandering on farms, a reward given when completing the Horse Stable, or even as an animal that might randomly appear in your Animal Trough. If you know of someone who can never have enough horses, by all means send this one along, but for everyone else it might be smarter to wait until this item expires, and you use your daily gift limit on something else.

Will you send a Gray Horse to your friends before the item leaves the free gifts page, or do your friends already have more Gray Horses than they can handle? Let us know in the comments.