CityVille: Energy Bar cap lifted by 15 points

Zynga has made a small (read: downright tiny) concession in the war between CityVille users and themselves over the recent changes to the way Energy is handled in the game. Last week, Zynga changed the Energy Bar so that you couldn't use any purchased or gifted energy (from your gift box) to go over your maximum energy allowed in your energy bar.

They've now changed this stipulation, but again, this is a slight change at best, that likely won't help much. With this new change, you are now allowed to go over your maximum energy amount by 15 points using gifted or purchased energy. That means that you'll be able to use five of your allowed 15 3+ batteries from your inventory in order to give your energy bar a boost, but whether or not this will eliminate the many, many batteries that will now simply be deleted from gift requests due to lack of room remains to be seen.

It's nice that Zynga has added this new cap, but it's clear that in another feedback thread on the forums (which is at seven pages and climbing), this simply hasn't been enough. In fact, it might have even made the situation worse, as users are feeling insulted by such a limited increase. One user, Danielhm, seems to have summed it up best:

Not good enough, Zynga. Not even close.

Do you agree? Are you happy that you now have room to play with 15 more energy, or is this too little too late in your eyes? Let us know in the comments.