FrontierVille: Purchase Kobe Cow to help Japanese earthquake victims

Zynga has added to their partnership with Save the Children to help those victims of the Japanese earthquake by releasing a new charitable animal in FrontierVille. In addition to the Daikon Radishes in FarmVille, and the Sweet Potatoes in CityVille, you can now purchase a Kobe Cow in FrontierVille using Horseshoes. 100% of the purchase price of Kobe Cows will go to Save the Children's Japan Earthquake Fun, to help those victims in need.

The Kobe Cow is available to purchase as the first item on the "Special" tab in the marketplace. You'll be able to purchase a single Kobe Cow for 45 Horseshoes. This cow needs to be fed once every 10 hours, and you'll receive 5 XP and 50 coins for doing so. It's presumable that you could buy multiple cows if you so choose, knowing that each will cost 45 Horseshoes in the process.

There's no expiration date currently listed on this offer, so if you need to head to the store to buy a Zynga Game Card, you'll likely have plenty of time to redeem it and still donate before the Kobe Cow leaves the store.

Will you purchase a Kobe Cow in FrontierVille? Let us know in the comments.