Cafe World Toaster Oven Goals: Everything you need to know

Along with the release of the Toaster Oven in Cafe World comes a series of six missions, that will introduce you to the appliance, as well as a series of new recipes that are only able to cook in the Toaster Oven. These missions are appropriately named Toaster Oven I, II and so on, and are actually some of the most complex goals we've seen in the game to date. This isn't due to the fact that any one particular mission is incredibly difficult, but due to the fact that during these six goals, you will actually unlock two branching trios of missions, that must be completed before you can head back to the Toaster Oven goals.

I know it sounds confusing, but the best way to explain it would be to simply jump in. That being the case, Toaster Oven I asks you to simply place the Toaster Oven in your cafe, which is as good of a place as any to start.

Place your Toaster Oven
Cook 3 Home Style Pot Roast
Earn 1000 coins

This is luckily a case where all you have to do is cook the Home Style Pot Roast, rather than actually waiting for it to cook, which would take a full two days. Once you complete this mission, you'll receive 3,000 coins, 300 Cafe Points, and a Fresh Fruits and Veggies decorative item, which can be found on the 3rd page of Decor in the store.

Toaster Oven II has you completing your Toaster Oven, along with cooking even more Pot Roasts (yes, just cooking - not serving).

Complete your Toaster Oven
Place Bread Rack in Cafe
Cook 5 Home Style Pot Roast

For complete details on how to finish the Toaster Oven in your Cafe, check out our guide. Meanwhile, the Bread Rack is available to purchase by simply clicking on the "Buy It" button which opens the appropriate page in the store. You can purchase the decorative item for 25,000 coins. Finishing this second quest unlocks a new recipe in your cookbook - the Toaster Pastries. You can cook the Toaster Pastries for 1,000 coins, and they will be ready in 30 minutes. You'll have 25 servings to sell for 55 coins each, for a return of 1375 coins in total.

Toaster Oven III sees you putting this new recipe to work, along with actually serving another dish.

Serve 10 Breakfast Sandwiches
Serve 5 Toaster Pastries
Get 5 Jars of Jam

You'll earn the Jars of Jam by clicking on the "Ask" button and sending out requests to your friends to help you. While you're waiting you can cook not only the Toaster Pastries, but also the Breakfast Sandwiches, which take just 3 minutes to cook, but can also only be prepared in the Toaster Oven. They cost 150 coins to cook, and will offer you 10 servings which can be sold for 25 coins each, giving you a return of 250 coins in total. Finishing this quest rewards you with 4,000 coins and 400 Cafe Points.

Toaster Oven IV is the last mission before things become a bit complicated. To finish this mission, you'll need to complete three fairly simple steps.

Cook 6 Toaster Pastries
Place a Lucky Tangerine Tree in your Cafe
Spice 3 Neighbors' Stoves

The Lucky Tangerine Tree is available to purchase for 8,000 coins. You'll need to scroll past all of the new items, into the older decorations to find this one, as they are listed by price. Finishing this quest rewards you with 5,000 coins, 500 Cafe Points, and a "Busy City Setting Window," which is a decorative item that can be found in the Windows section of the store, not the decorative tab.

Here's where things become complicated (you can't say I didn't warn you), but Di's Mingle Network has the info to help clear up any confusion. To complete Toaster Oven V, you'll need to complete three steps:

Serve 8 Bruschettas
Serve 10 Caramel Apples
Get 8 Loaves of Bread

While asking your friends for the bread and serving 10 Caramel Apples (a two hour dish) is fairly self-explanatory, if you try to cook Bruschettas, you'll realize that the dish has yet to be unlocked on your account. This triggers the first of two side-quests that you'll need to complete. Here are the details for unlocking Bruschetta. We've indented them on the page to keep them separate, and you must complete all three tasks to unlock Bruschetta, and then head back to the Toaster Oven quests proper.
Bruschetta I:

Get 5 Tomatoes (ask friends)
Get 5 Cloves of Garlic (ask friends)
Place your Toaster Oven

Rewards: 5,000 coins & 1000 Cafe Points

Bruschetta II:

Get 8 Pieces of Mozzarella (ask friends)
Get 6 Loaves of Bread (ask friends)
Serve 6 Belgian Waffles (a two hour dish)

Rewards: 5,000 coins & 1000 Cafe Points

Bruschetta III:

Serve 10 Breakfast Sandwiches
Serve 10 Pumpkin Pie (a 12-hour dish)
Get 15 Pieces of Mozzarella

Reward: Bruschetta recipe

Once you've unlocked Bruschetta, you'll be able to cook the dish for just 240 coins. It is ready to serve in 5 minutes, and you'll have 10 servings to sell for 35 coins each. This gives you a return of 350 coins total. Once you've unlocked Bruschetta and have completed Toaster Oven V, you'll receive 3,000 coins, 300 Cafe Points, and the Kitchy Tableware decorative item, which is found in the Windows section of the store.

For Toaster Oven VI, the final mission in the current lineup of Toaster Oven quests, you'll need to cook another locked dish, unlocking another trio of side-quests.

Serve 12 Eggplant Sandwiches
Get 15 Eggplants
Get 10 Tomatoes

You'll be able to ask your friends to send you both the Eggplants and Tomatoes, but as the Eggplant Sandwich recipe is locked to you, you'll need to unlock it by completing the following three quests:
Eggplant Sandwich I:

Get 5 Eggplants (ask friends)
Earn 10,000 coins
Get 8 Iceburg Lettuces (ask friends)

Reward: Kitchy Cutting Countertop (decorative item)

Eggplant Sandwich II:

Get 8 Loaves of Bread (ask friends)
Serve 10 Clubhouse Sandwich (an 18-hour dish)
Get 6 Cucumbers (ask friends)

Reward: 5,000 coins & 1000 Cafe Points

Eggplant Sandwich III:

Get 12 Baby Spinach (ask friends)
Get 6 Tomatoes (ask friends)
Spice 5 Neighbors' Stoves

Reward: Eggplant Sandwich recipe

Once you've completed these three quests, you will have unlocked the Eggplant Sandwich recipe proper, which can be cooked for progress back in Toaster Oven VI. Once you can collect the Eggplants and Tomatoes in that job, along with cooking the Eggplant Sandwiches, you'll receive your final reward for this quest set - a Red Rush Lightning Stove. Remember, these Lightning Stoves not only cook food in one-click, but they also cook food faster, so it's great to have more than one on hand at once.

Like I said, these quests are complicated, and definitely won't be easy to complete (unless you have a never-ending supply of Cafe Cash with which to skip steps by unlocking them). However, with a bit of determination and patience, you should be able to receive the awesome prize at the end, and will have unlocked a series of new recipes that you can't find anywhere else. Whether or not you tackle these quests now or later, however, will be up to you.

What do you think of these Toaster Oven goals? Are they too complicated to be enjoyable, or do you like a good challenge? Let us know in the comments.
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