Cafe World Toaster Oven: Everything you need to know

A new building project is now available to undertake in Cafe World, with this new appliance coming in the form of a Toaster Oven. The Toaster Oven can be compared to a Super Stove, or even the Deep Fryer, in that it offers one-click cooking (meaning that once you choose the recipe, it goes to cook immediately, without dealing with extra clicks for ingredient preparation), and it requires no cleaning.

Perhaps the nicest part about the Toast Oven, however, is the fact that it requires very few parts to build, in comparison to other objects in the game. The Toaster Oven takes only nine parts to build, and we have all of the details about this new appliance behind the break. Won't you meet us there?

The Toaster Oven's assembly is quite simple, as we said. It requires nine parts in total to build: a single Warming Tray, three Thermostats, two Toaster Knobs, and 3 Broiling Racks. You'll be able to earn these items by clicking on the "Ask for More" button next to each ingredient and then sending individual gift requests to your friends asking for that items.

In addition, you can also earn these items from Special Delivery boxes sent you as free gifts (depending on how many other building projects you currently have in your cafe), or through the daily Special Delivery email that you receive from Zynga, if you've shared your real email address with them.

Once you're done building the Toaster Oven, you'll be able to use it to cook some exclusive dishes; that is, some dishes will only be available to cook in the Toaster Oven, just as you can only cook some things in the Deep Fryer, but not your entire recipe book. Three of these recipes are Bruschetta (240 coins to cook), Toaster Pastries (1000 coins to cook) and an Eggplant Sandwich (700 coins to cook). After serving a dish, you won't have to clean the Toaster Oven before cooking another.

It's presumable that Zynga will add more dishes to the Toaster Oven's catalog in the future, just as they added a second set of recipes to the Deep Fryer in the past. In the meantime, why not take a look at the long list of Toaster Oven goals that have been released in association with this new appliance. You can find all of the details on how to complete these 6+ goals in our guide.

What do you think of these new recipes? Do you appreciate having a new cooking tool in your cafe, or would you rather keep all of the cooking on the stove top? Let us know in the comments.
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