Poll: Is the FarmVille Pot of Gold full of cheaters?

Pot of Gold cheaters?
Pot of Gold cheaters?

After seeing an image of FarmVille forum contributor Grazy197's Pot of Gold, players appear to be split down the middle on the issue. Some of his friends have amassed over 30 thousand pieces of Gold for their Pots, which appears to be impossible. Sure, the players could, in theory, gather this much Gold through the News Feed, their own Leprechaun Cottage, their friends' Cottages and the Free Gifts page. Though, according to some players, that would take entirely too much time for these players to not be using a third party application like Bonus Clicker. So, we want to hear it from you:

Is the FarmVille Pot of Gold full of cheaters?Market Research
[Image Credit: Grazy197]

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