It May Be OK to Use Regular Gas Instead of Premium

Can you use regular gas instead of premium?Do you drive a relatively new car that requires premium gasoline? Do you seethe every time you fill up, watching that extra dime or more flow into your tank with each gallon? According to a new report from, you may be able to burn regular gas in your premium car.Philip Reed, Senior Consumer Advice Editor, and Jason Kavanagh, Edmund's Engineering Editor, recently wrote that the technology behind today's engines has actually reached the point that many of the vehicles that manufacturers suggest be fueled with premium gas can actually function quite well on regular. Thanks to the electronics in the ignition system, the engine can compensate for the lower octane.

The company has compiled a list of the cars and trucks made over the past four model years that separate those for which premium is required (over 1,500 makes and models) and those in which premium is recommended (over 700 makes and models). Those in which premium is recommended are candidates to run on regular fuel. In other words, you have about a one in three chance of being able to switch to regular without harming your vehicle.

What difference in performance should you expect? According to the two, you might not accelerate quite as briskly, but shouldn't experience engine knock, the sign that the octane is not up to snuff.

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