FrontierVille offers free Prairie Pox cure; no Goals necessary!

A Helpful Traveler
A Helpful Traveler

It seems that Zynga has seen the lack of pioneers that have completed the Prairie Pox Goals in FrontierVille (i.e. me) and decided to give them a freebie. Eucalypt, a FrontierVille forum contributor, was greeted by the above message upon logging in recently. Basically, taking the cure will relieve you and yours' Prairie Pox infection instantly, subverting the lengthy Goal series entirely. Several players have reported replying "No Thanks!" as they're either almost through the series or are simply purists. As for me, you better believe I'm pressing that green button!

[Image Credit: Eucalypt]

Have you seen this message appear on your homestead yet? Would you choose to take the cure or do it all the hard way? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.