FrontierVille Great Coyote Caper Goals: Everything you need to know


Earlier today, we brought you the news that two new collections had launched in FrontierVille concerning the upcoming launch of coyotes in the game. We didn't know when coyotes would launch, but it turns out it was sooner than later, as a series of coyote missions has launched in the game this evening, called "The Great Coyote Caper." We have all of the info about this new quest set, but keep in mind that this is subject to change at any time. As of this writing, however, this is what you can expect.

Part I of this V part goal series is called "Coyote and the Hen," and it introduces us to this new varmint, which is particularly fond of chickens.

Tend 50 Chickens
Clobber One Coyote
Place Four Fences

Chickens can of course be tended for one energy per one chicken, or you can still collect the Daily Bonus on your Chicken Coop to feed all chickens at once. We can confirm that this method does count in your quest progress. As for the Coyote, you'll likely receive one if you go the "Daily Bonus" route, and you might even be able to scare it off after clobbering it just once. Your reward for finishing this quest is 75 XP.