Flight Attendant Was Seriously Injured by Turbulence

stefg74, flickr

A Scandanavian Airlines flight attendant who was thrown into the air after a plane hit turbulence is suffering from spinal cord injuries.

Britain's Air Incidents Investigation Branch released a report today on the incident that happened on a flight that was approaching London's Heathrow Airport in August of last year.

As the cabin crew was preparing to land, the female flight attendant was making an announcement to passengers aboard the Boeing 737 from a crew seat and was unrestrained. The flight attendant was thrown into the air, and ended up badly injuring her back as she slammed back in to her chair.

The injured flight attendant had to remain on the floor as the plane came in to land and was taken to the hospital with spinal injuries.

The incident happened while the seatbelt sign was on. None of the cabin crew were restrained at the time, and the AAIB report claims three out of the four cabin crew members were not aware of any turbulence warning.

Another cabin crew member was also thrown into the air, hitting the cabin roof. She sustained no injuries.

The injured flight attendant was in the hospital for 10 days following the incident, reports the BBC.

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