FarmVille: Green Roses Crafting recipes now available


So, it turns out that the three unreleased Green Rose crafting recipes in FarmVille won't be coming to the English Countryside version of a Crafting Building after all (or, at the very least, they won't be exclusive to the expansion), as Zynga has launched all three recipes in the game this afternoon.

As usual with new recipes, there is a new offering available in each of the three types of Crafting buildings. The Spa will be able to create wooden containers of Green Potpourri, the Bakery can make Green Mocha Cake [pictured] and the Winery can make Green Rose Water.

Luckily, all three of these recipes require just six bushels to create, three of which are Green Rose bushels. The other bushel you'll need varies depending on the crafting building. Spas will need three Morning Glory bushels, Bakeries need three Wheat bushels, and finally, Wineries require three White Grape bushels.

The Green Rose crop will be available to grow for the next 19 days, and we can't imagine that these three recipes will be available for much longer after that time. You'll be able to master these limited time recipes for those highly prizes mastery signs, so this very well may give you enough reason to grow more Green Roses, even if you have already mastered them prior to the release of these recipes. At least, I know it gives me enough reason. Will you join me?

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Do you like completing limited time Crafting recipes, or have you already mastered Green Roses and don't see this as a good enough reason to start planting them again? Let us know in the comments.