FarmVille English Countryside: Mail delivery offers free English Calf


With the FarmVille English Countryside almost upon us, we've received another Mail Delivery on the outskirts of our farms, giving a recap of activities that will be available in the new expansion from a few of the game's new characters: Lily, Agatha, and Professor Milton.

We've been reminded that we'll be able to farm on rich English soil, plant new crops, craft new items, and breed new sheep, but the main reason for this new Mail Delivery is the prize that we'll receive inside - a brand new (and downright adorable) English Calf. This calf looks like a regular brown and white calf, only it has been given a large themed hat that covers up half of its face, due to the calf's small size.

To receive one of these little cuties, remember to click on the plane on the outside edge of your farm, and then take note of the fact that you can share an extra English Calf with your friends via a general news feed post. Hopefully with this recap postcard, Zynga is trying to tell us that the English Countryside will be here very soon. We'll make sure to let you know if that's the case.

Have you claimed the other prizes being given away through these postcard deliveries in the past? Let us know what you think of this prize in the comments.

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