Employees Defend Themselves Against Breakfast Sandwich Attack

Some people take the old Burger King motto, "Have it your way," just a little too far. That was the case with a woman in an Oakland Park, Florida Burger King who was so upset with her order she climbed over the counter and started flinging breakfast sandwiches and condiments at the employees.

Tara Lyons, 38, was apparently so dissatisfied with the $1.06 and sandwich and service she got at the drive through window that she parked her car, stormed inside and began wreaking havoc. For her efforts, she was arrested and charged with assault and battery, plus burglary.

Lyons told Broward County sheriffs that she thought someone had spit in her sandwich.

You have to wonder if they pay manager Janet Davis, who was the intended victim of the assault, enough to deal with customers like this. Davis held her own, pushing Lyons to the floor, while her employees ran to the back of the store for protection.

Lyons left with a laceration on her face that she'd suffered from falling, but just when employees thought the worst was over, she returned, jumped over the counter again, tried to grab a cup of scalding water and chased several cooks out the back of the store.

By the time Broward sheriffs arrived, most of the customers were gone, and several employees had locked themselves in back rooms for protection.

It's probably safe to say that once this is sorted out, Lyons will buy her breakfast sandwiches elsewhere.

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