CityVille Police Station Upgrades: Everything you need to know

Police Station Level 2
It's time to play Cops and Robbers in CityVille with a massive overhaul to the Police Station community building. Now, players have the opportunity to upgrade their Police Station, but they will have to request from their friends five different items to complete it. Once players finish these upgrades by either asking friends or sending them out through the free gifts page, the second level of the Police Station will be complete and little police officers will begin patrolling the streets. And here's the best part: They're your friends!
Items Required for Level 2
Items Required for Police Station Level 2:

  • 5 Sirens
  • 5 Balls and Chain
  • 5 Badges
  • 5 Whistles
  • 5 Outfits

Police Station Level 2 will unlock a whole new feature to CityVille: Cops and Bandits. Once you collect from businesses after upgrading the Police Station, Bandits will have a chance of appearing in your city. While they won't actually reduce your collection values, catching Bandits will earn you rewards. However, catching Bandits requires Police Officers, two of which you receive immediately upon upgrading.

Police Station Menu
Types of Bandits to Capture:

  • Billy the Bandit
  • Meowing Marauder
  • Couture Criminal
  • Pie-faced Pete
  • Mommy and Clyde
  • The Heartbreaker

While all Bandits supply rewards, some will even provide new Businesses upon capture. Police Officers can apprehend one Bandit at a time, and need to eat Donuts (how mildly offensive of you, Zynga) before catching more criminals. These can be requested from friends through the brand new Police Station menu or bought for City Cash. Also, these Police Officers have titles, though they don't seem to effect anything. As you upgrade the Police Station beyond Level 2, your squad will grow by one for each increase. And, of course, catching more Bandits leads to upgrades for your building.

Police Station Upgrades
Police Station Upgrade Requirements:

  • Level 3: Capture 10 Bandits or 60 City Cash
  • Level 4: Capture 30 Bandits or 120 City Cash

When you upgrade to Level 3, Police Officers will capture Bandits in a patrol car, but at Level 4 they will break onto the scene in SWAT vans. Rewards are automatically thrown into your inventory upon catching Bandits, but those Bandits can also escape your Police Station. However, if your Cops are "Sleeping," or in between Donuts, you will not be able to capture the Bandit until you wake them up again. According to these screen shots, it looks as if there is room for upgrades beyond Level 4, so there will be a lot more Bandit bustin' where this came from.

[Source and Image Credit: CityVille Goals]

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