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Edmontonians love their morning caffeine fix-and who can blame them? The Northerly city is a Winter Wonderland for a good chunk of the year , creating a favorable atmosphere for coffee houses to thrive. Like any major city, you'll find a Starbucks within a few minutes drive in any direction. And if Canadian chains float your boat, a Tim Horton's is not far behind. However, part of the fun of visiting a new city is ditching the creature comforts of home in favor of some local brew. So if you're in the mood to check out some of the best Edmonton coffee houses, here are a few to try.

It's Like Brooklyn of the North (well, kinda)
If you've got people-watching on the agenda, head on over to Transcend Coffee, a popular Southside coffee joint located in a renovated pizzeria next door to Indie film house the Garneau Theatre. The crisp white and stainless steel interior with wraparound diner-style seating is the perfect backdrop to showcase the trendy clientele typing away on Macbooks. Canadians are notorious for needing a lot of personal space, so don't even think about asking to share a table with strangers when the place inevitably fills up. This is the place for coffee connoisseurs. These ladies and gents know coffee. Just be prepared to do a couple of laps around the block to find parking.
8708-109 St., Edmonton, AB T6G 1E9; 780.756.8882

Mon-Thurs 7:30AM to 8PM, Sat 8AM to 10PM, Sun 8AM to 5PM

Café Culture Goes Uptown
Saturday morning. New Yorker. Gluten-free banana chocolate chip muffin. Cup of Intelligentsia Direct Trade coffee. Sound like heaven? Welcome to Credo! The downtown coffee house located in Edmonton's Warehouse District is known for its friendly customer service and craft coffees and espressos. Grab a window seat and watch the downtown crowd strut by as you sip on your Americano, or head outside Saturdays from May until October, when the outdoor patio spills into the glory that is the City Market–Edmonton's original farmers' market. Parking meters tend to fill up fast, so arrive early or take the LRT to the Bay/Enterprise Square Station.
10134 - 104 St., Edmonton, AB T5J 1A7; 780-761-3744

Mon-Thurs 7:00AM to 9PM, Fri 7:00AM to 6PM, Sat 8AM to 6PM, Sun 10AM to 6PM

Italian in the City
"Buongiorno!" That's what you'll be tempted to yell once inside the mod Italian-style cappuccino bar in the historic Garneau neighbourhood. Hidden from the crowds along Whyte Avenue, Leva is a cozy destination for those traveling by bicycle, or for suckers with a sweet spot for authentic Italian gelato. (Not sure which flavor to try? Ask for a sample!) Visit the Facebook page to find about live music on Thursdays and be sure to check out the art on loan from the Peter Robertson Gallery. Just like in Italy, kids are welcome guests. There are even baskets of toys in the back corner. Come early and stay late. Pizza and alcoholic beverages pair well with Danesi Italian coffee.
11053 86 Ave., Edmonton, AB T5J 1A7; 780-479-5382

Mon-Thurs 7:00AM to 9PM, Fri 7:00AM to 6PM, Sat 8AM to 6PM, Sun 10AM to 6PM

I'll Have a Coffee and Some Elbow Room
Remember that part about Canadians needing their personal space? Well, you aren't going to find that here. The Elm Cafe is an itsy bitsy hole in the wall located on the main floor of an office building just north of Jasper Avenue. Luckily the floor to ceiling glass storefront lets in lots of ambient light, and the coffee and fresh baked muffins aren't too shabby either. Strike up a conversation with owner Nate Box in his utilitarian baker's smock, or grab one of the few seats in front of the window where you can catch up on the latest issue of Monocle Magazine. Old school Radiohead is included in the price of admission.
#100 10140-117 St., Edmonton, AB, T5K 1X3; 780-756-3356

Mon-Fri 7:00AM to 5PM, Fri 7:00AM to 6PM, Sat 8AM to 5PM, Sun Closed

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