St. Patrick's Day invades CityVille with new businesses, decorations, crops and more

If you thought the St. Patrick's Day quests in CityVille were something, just wait until you get a look at the absolutely slew of items that Zynga has released into the game as part of the St. Patrick's Day theme. There are new Businesses, Crops, Decorations, and even a new clothing option for your citizens to wear, all of which are available from the in-game store.

For the businesses, we see three new items being available. The St. Patty's Pub is available for 1800 coins, and requires 40 Goods as stock. It earns 188 coins by default. Next is the Fiddle Shop, which is available for 2400 coins, and requires 60 Goods, offering you 258 coins when you cash out its profits. Finally, the third business is the Shamrock Sing-A-Long (think a Karaoke club) that costs just 2100 coins to build. This business requires 90 Goods, but gives you more coins than the other two businesses, at 405 coins per cash-out.

If you'd like to get your citizens in on the fun of the holiday in addition to simply shopping at themed businesses, you can dress them in new Green Clothes for a one-time cost of 500 coins. This is similar to the winter clothing that was released as part of the winter/holiday event, and can be swapped out if you change your mind.

Meet us behind the break for the rest of these St. Patrick's Day goodies.

If you're in the mood for some new decorations to place around your new businesses, there are five items to choose from (not including the two larger decorations you'll receive as part of the St. Patrick's Day quests). These five items are the Clover Patch, Fiddle Player, Painting Booth, Funny Photos stand, and Bountiful Balloons salesman. You'll receive a bonus of anywhere from 1% to 9% depending on the item you choose to place.

For the two new crops, you can now plant either Shamrocks or Clover. Shamrocks cost 3 City Cash each to plant, grow instantly, and offer you 115 Goods. An expensive method at racking up the Goods, that's for sure. If you'd rather save your City Cash, you can simply plant the other new crop - Cabbage - which is available to plant for 73 coins each. You'll be able to harvest your Cabbage after 1.6 days, and will receive a whopping 447 Goods per square planted. This is an absolutely killer crop in terms of productivity, so if you have enough Goods to last you the 1.6 days until your Cabbage grows, I highly suggest taking advantage of its statsUpdate: Zynga has changed Cabbage to only offer 114 Goods per square grown, limiting its value greatly.

And there you have it - an absolute treasure trove of new themed items in CityVille. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to completely makeover my city for the holiday - won't you join me?

[Image Credit: Zynga]

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Which of these updates are you most looking forward to trying out in your own city? The new businesses? Growing new crops? Dressing up your citizens? Let us know in the comments.

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