Mary J. Blige Lists New Jersey Spread for $13.9M


Hip hop megastar Mary J. Blige is ready to fly her New Jersey coop, a whopping 18,250-square-foot estate in swanky Saddle River, N.J., after less than three years living there. Perhaps she's seeking a lifestyle with "No More Drama" (see video below).

Blige bought the home in 2008 for $12.3 million, paid in cash. The house was originally put on the market that same year for $17 million, dropped to $13.9 million and then Blige scooped it up for over a million less.

Guess her real estate advisers thought the $13.9 million price from 2008 was a good figure, since that's what the place is listed at now. With 25 total rooms, it seems like the $17 million is a more fitting amount.

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