Man Boarded Delta Flight Without Boarding Pass

delta baording pass

Pylon757, flickr

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is trying to figure out how a Maryland man got on a Delta flight out of New York's Kennedy airport without a boarding pass.

Ronald Wong, 30, of Chevy Chase, Md., apparently circumnavigated TSA agents checking boarding documents against passenger IDs at JFK, and got into the "sterile" area where passengers are screened.

After clearing screening, Wong was then able to walk onto a Delta flight bound for San Francisco without a boarding pass.

A Delta flight attendant noticed him standing at the back of the plane during boarding and Wong was arrested. He was charged with trespassing, theft of services and petty larceny and released on bail, the Associated Press reports.

Wong indicates in court documents that he was able to get to the gate by taking another passenger's boarding pass, according to the AP.

The incident occurred on Feb. 24, but was first reported this week by the New York Post.

Wong reportedly pulled the same stunt six days before on a flight from San Francisco to Denver.

"This guy has exposed serious flaws in passenger security in at least two cities," a law enforcement source tells the newspaper.

Contacted by AOL Travel News, both the TSA and Delta say they are cooperating with the law enforcement investigation into the matter.

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