Fisherman Survives Crocodile Attack at Australian Resort

crocodile attack queensland australia

Molly Ebersold, Wikimedia Commons

A man is recovering from a crocodile attack in an Australian hospital after the reptile lunged at him and tried to drag him into a creek while he was fishing at a resort in northern Queensland.

Albatross Bay Resort manager Greg Shean tells the Cairns Post newspaper the 13-foot saltwater crocodile charged at 28-year-old Todd Bairstow and tore off his finger, causing the mineworker to slip into the creek.

Shean says Bairstow screamed for help as he desperately clung to a tree branch, punching and kicking the crocodile as it grabbed his legs and tried to pull him into the water.

According to Shean, a fisherman in a nearby pub heard Bairstow's cries and came to his rescue, whacking the crocodile with a tree branch until it let go and disappeared into the water.

A Queensland Police spokesman says Bairstown's injuries also include two broken legs, dislocated joints and puncture wounds, none of which are life threatening.

Wildlife rangers say they will attempt to identify and catch the crocodile and remove it from the area. In the meantime, signs that warn of the recent crocodile sightings along the creek are being installed.

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