FarmVille maker Zynga launches studio in India; the empire presses on

Zynga India
Short after Zynga opened up payment options for its games in India and several more Asian countries, the company has opened a studio in Bangalore called Zynga Studio-I, Business Standard reports. (Why not just Zynga India?) This is the largest Zynga studio outside of the US and will focus on creating new gameplay mechanics, in-game features and creative elements across the company's list of games.

No mention has been made of this new studio working on original games, but just creating new ways to extend existing Zynga properties. Either way, it's an exciting time for developers in India, whose game creation scene is certainly burgeoning.
In only one year, India has made exciting advancements in technology that have truly improved efficiency for the entire company, said Zynga India Country Manager, Shan Kadavil (pictured left). With the launch of Studio-I, we are expanding our capabilities to leverage the amount of creative talent based in India for new features within Zynga's popular games. We are looking for more people with an entrepreneurial drive combined with engineering and artistic skills to join our exciting and growing team.
Aside from improved payment options and, of course, localization, we can't to see what Zynga Studio-I cooks up. Not to mention what this means for Zynga's inevitable further expansion. There's a little country starts with an "I" and ends with "donesia" that would be fine target.

[Image Credit: Hindu Business Line]

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