FarmVille St. Patrick's Day Decorations: Shamrock Cottage, Shamrock Pond, Stone Wall & More


A series of five new decorative items (one building and four true decorations) was released to the FarmVille marketplace with tonight's update, with more of these items (surprisingly) being available for coins, rather than Farm Cash. The new building is one of the two Farm Cash items, and it comes int the form of the Shamrock Cottage.

The Shamrock Cottage is available for 34 Farm Cash, but watch out - it's basically the exact same item as the Irish Cottage, which was released as a prize in the St. Patrick's Day Wishing Well, except with a darker green color. Whether or not the different coloring on this item makes it worth the Farm Cash price is questionable, and will of course be up to your discretion. Either way, you'll receive 3400 experience points for purchasing it.

Meet us behind the break for a look at the four other items released this evening.

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