FarmVille St. Patrick's Day Animals: Shamrock Pony & Shamrock Pig


As part of tonight's FarmVille update, Zynga released two new animals in the current St. Patrick's Day theme of limited edition items. One of these items was recently featured in a scam that you may have spotted on your news feed (well, its foal was anyway), but rest assured, this release of the animal is the real deal. That animal of course is the Shamrock Pony, while the other new animal is the Shamrock Pig.

Both of these animals go for Farm Cash, with the Shamrock Pony being the more expensive of the two animals, at 26 Farm Cash. The Shamrock Pig, meanwhile, costs 18 Farm Cash, which is still a fairly hefty price all things considered. Then again, you should never really expect new animals to be available for coins, so I guess the price isn't that great of a surprise.

The Shamrock Pony can be harvested once every three days, while the Shamrock Pig can be harvested from once every two days. Place these animals in their respective animal buildings, however, and you can claim your profits (however meager) once per day.

Both of these animals will be available in the game for the next two weeks, so feel free to take a few days to decide if the Farm Cash price is really worth it.

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What do you think of these animals? Are they worth the high Farm Cash price just because they're limited edition? Let us know in the comments.