FarmVille Spring Countdown: Everything you need to know


The Spring Countdown has begun in FarmVille, and in the same vein as the Valentine's Day Countdown, this countdown will offer 12 days of prizes. One of these 12 prizes will be available on each day, for the next 12 days, and you'll be able to post a

news item to your feed asking your friends to send you that day's prize.

As an example, the first day's item is the Pastel Hay Bale, which we brought you a sneak peek of at the very beginning of March (although that was under a different supposed name). You'll be able to click on the "Ask/Share" button to post a general news item to your feed. For each person that clicks on this post, they'll receive a free prize in return, which will count in their own game, if they choose not to ask for the item themselves.

If you miss a day's item, because you either didn't ask for the item, didn't play the game on that day, or didn't have any friends help you, you can either purchase the missed prize with Farm Cash, or you can ask very specific players to send them to you (this list seems random, and will likely include less than five of your friends, some of which might not even play FarmVille).

Complete all 12 of the prizes, either on the day that they are first available, or otherwise, and you'll receive a special 13th prize, which is a secret prize as of this writing. It comes in a Mystery Crate, so it looks like we'll be receiving a Spring-themed decoration, rather than an animal, for all of this hard work. Perhaps another new decorative item, or could this one have a function as well? We'll make sure to let you know what this prize is once we know more.

As usual, make sure to check back with us everyday as we bring you coverage surrounding each day's prize so that you don't miss out.

What do you think of a new countdown in FarmVille? Did you receive all 12 of the items for the Valentine's Day countdown, and are going to try to earn these as well, or do you skip these kinds of events? Let us know in the comments.

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