CityVille Expansion changes slowly roll out to unhappy mayors

Expansion Change
Expansion Change

The CityVille forums are in a stir over some sneaky changes Zynga is slowly making to how expansions work in the game. Players are reporting that one moment the cost for an expansion was the normal 500 thousand coins and level-appropriate amount of permits, but that's long gone. Upon logging in recently they've noticed the cost has been reduced to 20 thousand coins, requires no permits, but demands a total population of 25 thousand.

Unsurprisingly, players are either furious with the change or confused as to why it hasn't happened to them yet. CityVille forum moderator Amelia interjected with this:

"In our continued effort to provide everyone with a fun and balanced gaming experience we are working on adjusting the current expansion costs/requirements. What some of you are seeing is part of those adjustments, which are being rolled out slowly while we continue to work on optimizing them in order to ensure the best gaming experience for our players."

Players like Chef Tony replied, "... Requiring 25 thousand population is not making the game fun or balanced. Very few people will be able to expand their town with that requirement." Regardless of how you feel about the change, we highly recommend holding off on buying any expansions until these changes are final.

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What do you think these early changes imply for the future of expansions? How would you change expansions to better fit the game's rapid pace? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.