CityVille: Blossoming Clovers & Clover Topiary available as free gifts

If you didn't get enough St. Patrick's Day goodies in CityVille with the release of new businesses, decorations, and crops this week, why not ask your friends to send you two more themed items for free? That's right, two new decorative items have been added to the game's free gifts page, allowing you to stock up on these items in bulk absolutely free.

The first item is the Blossoming Clovers, which is a patch of ground-cover much like the other flowers in the game; that is, it lies flush with the ground and doesn't come in a pot or planter. It's also free of any surrounding sidewalk. It adds a 1% bonus to surrounding items, as you'd likely expect. The other item is the Clover Topiary, which is larger, and therefore comes with a bigger payout bonus - 4% to be exact.

Neither of these items have a time limit associated with them, but since the Valentine's Day roses are no longer available to send from the free gifts page, we can only assume that these items will leave after their particular holiday as well. Make sure to send (and ask for) these items sooner, rather than later, to make sure you can get them in time. And remember, if you receive too many of these items, you can always store them in your Warehouse and bring them back out next year (or am I the only one that packrats like that?).

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What do you think of these two new free gifts? Have you started stocking up on Blossoming Clovers to create a St. Patrick's Day themed area in your town? Let us know in the comments.

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