App Watch: Six Ways to Save on Spring Break, for $3 or Less

spring break phone appsWith spring break quickly approaching, it's almost time to ditch the books for the beach. But as the end of the academic gets closer, scholarships have been spent, loans run low and spending money's scarce. So here are six apps for $3 or less that will help you have a memorable spring break without going broke:

1. Trip Splitter: Finances tend to get messy when traveling in groups. Trip Splitter helps ensure that all spring breakers pay the same amount for every shared cost. The application allows up to six people, each of whom are assigned different colors and buttons so that financial entries are simple and clear. Then indicate the type of payment used (options include cash, credit, debit, check and gift) and email the financial particulars to the travelers as a reminder of what everyone owes.
Price: $22. Compare Bookings: The Compare Bookings app, which is a product of, helps users find the best deals on hotels, flights, cruises and car rentals. The hotel options include descriptions and user ratings, and the travel modes are selected by the Compare Bookings team to provide only worthwhile discounts. This travel app cuts the work out of deal hunting while still cutting prices.
Price: Free

3. Black Book City Guide: Amp up your experience by finding out about the trendiest shops, bars, clubs, spas and restaurants through the Black Book City Guide. Use the app to receive special coupons and discounts at many of the cities' hot spots. Some specials include free drinks as well as tips on ways to avoid standing in line at popular clubs. Download an app that's specific to your travel destination, which is available for 24 cities nationwide and more than 25 worldwide.
Price: Free

4. HopStop: Cut back on cab costs and opt for public transportation. HopStop provides directions via foot, bus and rail for 14 major U.S. cities and a couple European ones. Set travel preferences to find routes with "more" or "less" walking, or reroute directions if you'd rather take a different way. Plus, this app helps out lost tourists by incorporating GPS so that travelers can find their destination without even knowing their current location.
Price: Free

5. Yelp: For ratings and destination ideas on the go, download the Yelp app. Just like the website, the iPhone application helps users search destinations that range in specificity from a casual Irish pub to any nearby gas station. Check out the price range to make sure to stay in budget and read up on quick tips that reveal helpful suggestions, such as what to order or what time of day to visit.
Price: Free

6. Tourist, The WikiTravel App: Find vacation guides for cities all over the world on Tourist, The WikiTravel App. Browse and find the guides, then store them on your phone so that you can access them anywhere, even places with limited phone service. This cheap application costs much less than buying a guidebook and it fits right in your pocket.
Price: $3
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