Woman with Cash in Underwear at JFK Was Trying to Avoid Taxes, Feds Say

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A woman who allegedly arrived at New York's JFK Airport with $170,000 hidden in her underwear was hiding the money to avoid paying taxes, according to federal authorities.

A U.S. Customs and Border Protection official testified in federal court in Brooklyn this week that Claire Abdeldaim, of Queens, New York, wore the money in her underwear on a flight out of Khartoum, Sudan in June, reports the New York Daily News. The money came from the sale of property in Sudan, officials said.

She then allegedly put the cash-laden underwear in her purse during a stopover in Amsterdam.

When Abdeldaim, 64, arrived at JFK airport she declared on customs forms she had $17,000 in cash. But Customs Officer George Wolynski noticed odd fabric in her bag.

After repeated questioning, Abdeldaim admitted to having more cash and Wolynski said he ended up finding 1,699 $100 bills.

He told the court he was "quite shocked" by the discovery of all the cash in the underwear, the newspaper reports.

Abdeldaim's lawyer argued the woman made an innocent mistake in not adding the extra zero.

Free on $100,000 bail, Abdeldaim faces up to 21 months in prison.
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