Smart Home Improvements When You're Staying Put

home improvements
home improvements

With real estate sales slow to recover, many Americans are choosing to stay put and improve the homes they have. But all home improvements aren't created equal. Strategic improvements in equipment, systems and materials can add lasting value, increase comfort, and even save you money. The right home improvements can also make a home of any age just as good as new, without the expense and uncertainty of buying new construction.

"Because homeowners are making a choice not to sell and move, they're looking to upgrade their home and find some of the benefits that in fact they would be receiving in a newer home," says Rick Croce of Chicago-based Smykal Renovations. "As people understand their needs and their wants, it's really more about what exactly will fit their budget and what's best for them."

If you fall into the stay-put-and-improve category of homeowners, here are seven savvy home improvements that will continue to pay dividends for years to come.