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Waiter delivers a tray of food
Waiter delivers a tray of food

Cut a big chunk out of your restaurant tab by pre-buying part of the meal. Sound crazy? It's not. Buy a $25 gift card to whatever restaurant you want to eat at for $2 with coupon code SAVE on Make sure to enter the coupon code as you check out. The deal expires Mar. 14, 2011.

There are more than 18,000 restaurants to choose from across the country on, so chances are extremely good there will be one near you. Print the certificate, then bring it to the restaurant when you eat. Make sure you are eating out on a day the certificate is valid (some restaurants exclude busy Friday and Saturday nights).

It's a good idea to read the fine print to make sure you can abide by the terms. Alcohol, tax and tip are excluded from the deal and there is often a minimum food spend that is above the $25 certificate. The minimum food purchase I see most often is $35. In the past when I have used a certificate, I've cut 25% to 40% off my bill. That big of a savings is hard to get anywhere else.

Check back later today and through the week for more great restaurant discounts at WalletPop.

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