OpenX Review: It Does Cut Plastic Like Butter

The Product: OpenX
The Price: $5 in stores. Online offer: $9.97 plus $3.95 shipping and handling
The Claims: Cuts plastic like butter
Buy-O-Meter Rating: 4 out of 5

OpenX is a handy cutter that easily defeats that head-exploding plastic packaging that encases everything these days.

After Armageddon, only cockroaches and clam shell packaging will inhabit the Earth. I've tried to open infuriating plastic casements with scissors, utility knives, pocket knives and screwdrivers, and none is without consequences.

Then along comes OpenX, a happy, yellow little tool that does what it claims -- "cuts plastic like butter."
openx review
It has two blades: a retractable piercing blade to get the cut started and a slicing blade embedded in the tool's tip, which looks like a fish head.

Either one or both OpenX blades sliced through every plastic or paper challenge I posed.

Clam shell packaging? No problem.

Cardboard boxes? A cinch.

Plastic bag of crackers? Fuhgeddaboudit!

The only thing I don't like about OpenX is that you can't replace the blades when they get dull. So after I-don't-know-how-many uses, you'll have to buy another: At $5 in stores, that's not a hardship.

Also, OpenX is not designed for southpaws. You left-handers must push the blade button with some other digit than your thumb. Very awkward.

Bottom line on OpenX?

It's a darling tool that defeats annoying plastic packages.

Note to OpenX maker Ranchmark Inc.: Attaboy for a transparent website that tells consumers how much the product costs before demanding a credit card!

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