MySpace game developers shutter games amidst plummeting traffic

Let's not beat around the bush here: MySpace is hurtin'. Overall traffic is down, while the company lays off unfortunate employees and considers a sale, according to Inside Social Games. As a result, games are doing so hot on MySpace--at least when compared to the Facebook. That said, developers like Playdom, RockYou and Zynga have shut down many of their MySpace offerings in favor of focusing their full attention on Facebook and mobile.

ISG reports that Playdom, one of the most dominant MySpace developers, has shuttered Overdrive and Bloodlines, two text-based role-playing games. The company will still run Mobsters, Sorority Life and World Series of Poker, but who knows for how long is MySpace keeps sinking. RockYou, the folks behind games like Gourmet Ranch, has essentially boarded up shop on MySpace in closing RockYou Pets, Speed Racing and a few more social applications.

Oddly enough, Zynga hasn't completely given up on Tom yet. According to Inside Social Games, it seems as if Zynga has only shut down Street Racing on MySpace (and Facebook), a role-playing game. At the moment, the company still dominates the MySpace Top 25 with seven games: Mafia Wars, YoVille, Zynga Poker, Vampires, Fashion Wars, Special Forces, and Friend Factory. How long these games will be around is entirely up to Zynga, but gaging the MySpace situation overall doesn't bode well for games on the platform.

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