Lawyer Who Sues Drunk Drivers Gets DUI

Drunk Drivers Gets DUI Any number of cliches fit this situation, including "Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones" and "What goes around comes around." Ron Bell, a New Mexico attorney known for suing drunk drivers, was found guilty of three counts of driving while impaired.

"When you've been injured because of someone else's negligence, fight back by getting a New Mexico accident attorney who knows how to win," says Bell's personal injury lawyer website. "At Ron Bell Injury Lawyers, we sue careless drivers and stand up to insurance companies to get you the money you need."

Of course Bell hired an attorney to stand up for him. His attorney argued that Bell had taken the prescription drug Adderall, which contains amphetamines, for his attention deficit disorder prior to being stopped by an off-duty sheriff's deputy, and that there was no evidence that Bell was incapable of driving.

Still, Bell did fail several field sobriety tests, and a toxicology report showed that he did indeed have amphetamines in his system -- enough to impair a normal person's driving ability, according to a toxicology expert.

At least Bell won't have to worry about the possibility of driving under the influence in the near future. He's been ordered to use an interlock ignition device for a year, to pay a fine and to perform community service. The question is, will this type of publicity hurt or enhance his practice?

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