FrontierVille Blacksmith Collection arrives with Sharp Axes in tow

Blacksmith Collection
Blacksmith Collection

In the midst of the Blacksmith madness in FrontierVille, the building's Collection has also dropped. Of course, collecting the Blacksmith Daily Bonus--a piece of Iron Ore--will have a chance at causing these five items to drop: Wire Brush, Slag, Flatter Square, Cold Cutter, Polish Cloth. When you complete the Blacksmith Collection, you have the option to turn it in for a free Sharp Axe and 25 XP. Since RewardVille came along, we doubt you'll need to visit Mafia Wars for Sharp Axes specifically anymore. However, I would hold off on turning it in for now unless you amass multiples of each item, because Zynga has a funny way of making otherwise useless items vital later on.

[Source and Image Credit: FrontierVille Info]

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