Free Dessert at Starbucks With Drink Purchase

Starbucks sign
Starbucks sign

This Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Mar 10-12, 2011 from 2- 5 p.m., you can get a free sugar-packed dessert at Starbucks when you buy any beverage while supplies last. The freebie is to celebrate Starbucks' 40th anniversary and promote a new line of tiny, sweet treats.

The petite treats include red velvet whoopie pie, three flavors of cake pops, salted caramel squares, carrot cake or peanut butter mini cupcakes and lemon squares. WalletPop's Sarah Gilbert isn't too happy about the sugar in the 200-calorie treats, which cost $1.50, or buy two for $1.25 each.

Caveats: This freebie is valid only at participating Starbucks. If you're not sure if your local store is in on the deal, call first. Unclear if all beverages will get you a free petite or if bottled water, juice and kid's drinks are excluded (as they often are in Starbucks promotions).

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