FarmVille Sneak Peek: Wishing Well coming to English Countryside?


The folks at FV Nation are at it again, discovering what they believe to be either an updated version of the current Wishing Well in FarmVille that will add English collections, or a new Wishing Well altogether, that will be released in the upcoming English Countryside expansion.

It looks more likely that this will be an entirely new Wishing Well for our second farms, and the Wishing Well will have at least 2 levels, according to the screenshot above. We've found some interesting new unreleased items, that don't look to fit into any particular theme, and we believe these might either be some of the items you'll need to collect, or some of the rewards you'll receive for each collection.

These items, seen above, are the Grapes Fruit Crate, the Strawberry Milk Crate, a Springtime Flower Basket, and a Tulip Bucket. Interestingly, this new version of the Wishing Well looks to serve a purpose even after the collections have been completed, as this example screen asks if you'd like to replay the collections over again for a chance at more of the same prizes. That would, of course, make this version of the Wishing Well automatically more useful than the current Wishing Well, which goes unused once the collections have been completed.

Whether this is an entirely new (second) Wishing Well, or just an update to the well we already have, we'll make sure to let you know once we know more.

[Image Credit: FV Nation]

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