FarmVille Scam Alert! Watch out for Clover Foal News Feed posts

Clover Foal Scam
Clover Foal Scam

You'd think some type of Internet superhero would crop up to thwart these incessant FarmVille scammers by now. (Seriously, this is becoming a broken record.) FarmVille Freak has found yet another scam post involving a "Clover Foal," which doesn't even appear to exist in the game yet. This is not an official post from Zynga and all it will lead to is malware that could make your computing life unnecessarily difficult. This one looks far more legit than most, and even clicking on the scam's link will lead to a surprisingly believable page. Do not be fooled and don't let your friends fall for the same trick either. If you did happen to click through twice, it's time for a password change and thorough virus scan.

[Image Credit: FarmVille Freak]

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Have you fallen victim to this scam or know someone who has? What solution can you come up with to solve the ongoing problem? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.