Do You Deserve a Raise? Take the Quiz


Bored at work? This summer, AOL Jobs will be publishing a career quiz every week to keep you entertained. This quiz was so popular with readers when it originally ran that AOL is republishing it.

Do you think you deserve a raise but haven't been able to summon the courage to ask for one, or are you unsure as to how you would justify a raise in this economy? If you've proactively approached your work in the ways outlined below, you may have a stronger case than you think.

Document your accomplishments regularly throughout the year.

Keep track of all the projects you manage. Upon completion of each assignment, write a note to yourself detailing your contribution and how your efforts helped the company make money, save money, save time, grow the business, or retain customers. Quantify your accomplishments with dollars, percentages, and other appropriate metrics. Actively seek out opportunities to improve efficiencies and profits regardless of the task at hand. By showing and quantifying your specific value added, you build a better business case to support the requested salary increase.