CityVille St. Patrick's Day Goals: Everything you need to know

St. Patty's Day
Finally, it's going to look much greener in CityVille shortly. A new set of Goals is on the way to the game for St. Patrick's Day that involve face painting, sing-a-longs and shamrocks. This is extremely early information, so we're unsure of exactly how these Goals will come about nor of the rewards (or images, obviously). Regardless, we'll attempt to update once more information becomes available. The first Goal, titled "St. Patrick's Pub," has players conducting a Shamrock Sing-a-Long, which we imagine is either a new building or interactive decoration. Then, players will have to collect from the Sing-a-Long twice to finish the Goal.

The second Goal in this series is known as "Paul and St. Pat's," and will require players to have a St. Patty's Pub, which we imagine is a new business to start. Then, you will need to collect from that five times and harvest 10 Cabbage, a brand new crop. "Face Painting" is the next Goal of the series, and calls for one Painting Booth, likely a new business. Then, you have to ask friends for 10 Face Paint Jars and visit 10 Neighbors.

In "Clovers for Ruth," the fourth Goal, you will need to place a decoration called St. Patrick's Park in your city. Then, players must place another decoration, five Clover Patches, in the city. Watering six neighbors' crops will complete this mission. Finally, "Edgar Bows Down" tasks players with harvesting 25 Corn, opening up one Fiddle Shop and to collect from that shop five times. This will finish the series of Goals, but more importantly it reveals much more of what's to come for St. Patty's Day. With new businesses, crops and decorations to try out, it looks like we're going to be busy (and probably buzzed) come March 17.

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