Vacation Rentals: The World's Most Luxurious Hot Spots


Vacation rentals aren't what they used to be -- they're better and bigger and more luxurious than ever. Early March is that time of the year when "just one more snowfall" is just-one-more-snowfall too many. The answer to the question, How do I survive the last gasps of winter? Take a vacation.

For most of us, a pretty little cable-free cabin in the Caribbean will absolutely do the trick for a "measly" $200 a night. But as long as we're taking this moment to fantasize about vacationing in the Caribbean, we may as well imagine the most spectacular 10-bedroom cabin on the beach with our own butler serving us cocktails as we relax in our hammock built for two.

If your name is Charlie Sheen, Jen Aniston or Donald Trump, here's where you might rent a vacation getaway, that has all the style, luxury, (not to mention an overnight price tag that matches a year or two's worth of the rent you pay in your winter-riddled home town) any super star – with or without tiger blood – could ask for:

Sir Richard & Eve Branson - Necker Island; Paradise!

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