Batter up! Sega launches Sega Play! Baseball on Facebook


Back in February
, we brought you the news that SEGA was bringing their first Facebook game to the platform sometime in the future. That time is now, as the company has officially announced the launch of Sega Play! Baseball. The game will allow you to create your own baseball team and player (both of which you can name and customize). After the initial stages of setup, you'll be able to start on your journey to lead your new team through the ranks of the professional league to become the World Champion team.

Your team starts as an amateur team, and you'll need to train in order to go against the pros. Unfortunately, your team of NPCs is fairly shoddy, which gives you all the more incentive to invite your friends to play the game with you, as you can populate your team with all of your friends by simply dragging and dropping them onto your team, swapping them for one of your NPC players. Once you go to actually play a game, this is an automated process, running through the innings as you'd expect. You can either watch your game play out in real time, or you can skip to the results screen. Games take energy to begin, and you'll start with only 5 energy once installing the game. You'll regain energy to play in exhibition matches over time.

You'll be able to train yourself to become a better player, but you can't train NPCs. Training comes through a basic menu that allows you to spend points, the game's currency to start a training regimen that will raise one particular stat, whether that be stamina, power, or otherwise.

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