Find Cheap Gas! We Tell You How with These Tips and Apps

cheap gas finder

Andrew Ross, AFP / Getty Images

Gas prices are on the rise again, so travelers must be wiser about how to save money when they fill up their fuel tanks. I was on CBS's The Early Show for AOL Travel with tips on finding cheaper gasoline. From GasBuddy to FuelFinder, I've got advice for making the most of your dollar.

Using these websites and apps won't solve all of your problems. There's a secret to maximizing success when it comes to finding cheap gas prices: Use a bunch of them.

In my segment, I also suggest taking advantage of the benefits of membership at your local big-box store, show how to find cheap gas when planning a road trip (when you may not know your ZIP code or have a smartphone), introduce the concept of "van-pooling," and explain when it's smarter to use cash instead of credit cards.

Watch the video to find out how:

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